About the Company


Keeping Pace With Latest Technologies.

AART has now grown to be ‘Integrated Projects’ solutions company. AART offers end to end Construction and MEP solutions to various market segments. We are a team of diverse expertise. The common factor binding us is our motivation to build a global organization. Our aim is not only customer’s satisfaction but also
customer’s success.

We work globally and continuously update ourselves and remain in sync with latest Global technology updates. We have now knowledge pool that is being used to the benefits of our domestic and international projects.

Customer retention for us is a natural phenomenon! This is a result of our Domain Knowledge, reliability, creativity, integrity, trust and confidentiality practices.



AART shall be a professionally managed global organization operating in diverse Technology fields and at par with Industry leaders in each of the fields

AART shall be the most preferred partner to its customer

AART shall be an extraordinary place to work and perform, where each employee will have a challenging yet satisfying task through which he/she can achieve Personal development and Professional growth

AART shall be profitable company providing reasonable results to its shareholders, generating wealth for the nations and improve quality of life

AART’s Environment Health and safety policy shall be considered Industry benchmark


Unity in Diversity: All the Global teams of AART shall operate in sync, share their strengths, experience in order to fulfill one common vision

AART shall always strive to keep pace with latest technologies and contribute to make the existing ones better and more effective

At AART competence shall be valued more than loyalty. Committed and expert employees—at every level shall be given the independence to perform

The processes and procedures shall be predefined as guidelines and improved periodically to maximize utilization of technology and resources

Customers for Life! To earn our customers' loyalty, we shall listen to them, anticipate their needs and act with dedication to create value in their eyes by providing Innovative and effective solutions

AART shall implement and adhere to ‘Zero Tolerance Environment, Health and Safety Policy’

AART shall ensure that social commitments towards the nation and society will be sincerely fulfilled



There is no job so important or service so urgent, that we cannot take time to work safely.

There is an old adage that states: “Accidents Happen.” We subscribe to the philosophy that “All accidents can be prevented.” Through training, awareness, and vigilance, we strive to ensure that everyone goes home at the end of the day without injury or incident. Training assures that team members know how to work safely. Awareness draws attention to what potential danger exists and affording the opportunity to keep out of harm’s way. Vigilance is looking out for each other as you would have others look out for you. There is no job so important or service so urgent, that we cannot take time to work safely.


Treat each project as if we are the clients. We’re only as good as the reputation of our last job.

Our reputation for quality work is based on our Global experience in the Multi-discipline large scale projects. A strong reputation is built on word-of-mouth advertising which comes from providing a quality services, completing jobs on time, and bringing those jobs in on or under budget. To achieve these objectives, each employee has to accept responsibility for the tasks they are assigned, to take ownership of that part of the process, and project. A Project that they would be proud to put their name on! Our people taking pride in their skills is the fuel that feeds our reputation in the industry.


Let’s give the historians something to write about!.

Excellence is the product of a conscious effort of hard work, diligence, perseverance, and consistency to stand out on an act, which when seen can be respected, admired, and can be emulated by others. We strive continuously do better than our previous project by continuously learning and improving.


Our business conduct will include the highest level of honesty, ethics and moral correctness. We will not compromise customers, employees or our company. We will always adhere to our Ethical Code of Conduct.

We will be judged as much by the quality of the work we do as we will be by the character of the people doing it. Making an honest mistake is forgivable, as it gives everyone a chance to learn and grow. Hiding a mistake, or falsely misrepresenting the truth, is the same as lying—and lying will not be tolerated. When the integrity of a ship’s hull is compromised, the boat sinks. When the integrity of our reputation is damaged, we will also go under. By being consistent in our actions and adhering to a high standard of moral and ethical standards in everything we do, we will all achieve personal and professional success. In other words, doing the right thing isn’t an ideal—it’s a necessity.


Diversity in the workplace brings different approaches to different challenges. From these different approaches, innovation is born.

Respect is something that is earned. On the other hand everyone should be given a fair chance to prove his or her worth. We cannot operate as a team unless every member of our team has the opportunity to excel at their highest skill levels. In order for that to happen, every employee must feel comfortable on the job site and feel at ease with the tasks that need to be performed. It is better to encourage each other than to continuously find fault. It is easier to establish trust in an atmosphere of camaraderie. It is more enjoyable to work in an environment filled with courtesy versus hatred. We simply cannot be the best at what we do if we cannot look forward to going to work each day.



We at AART committed to follow and reciprocate towards the upkeeping and conserving all and every factor which will keep our mother Earth happy i.e. to make no compromise towards maintaining the environment right from our office, our working area, our project area and in person at anywhere in the world we will make no harm in any form or nature which will affect adverse:

  • Take part in the fight against climate change
  • Preserve natural resources and biodiversity
  • Reduce waste and maximize recycling

These commitments guide the environmental policy of the Group implemented in all countries. It aims to:

  • Always consider the environmental criteria during designing and Engineering of Projects and Constant monitoring of Contractor’s work from environmental aspects as a Project management Consultancy
  • Strengthen environmental awareness within own, customer’s and subcontractor’s organizations
  • Reduce the environmental impact related to every work we undertake on behalf of the mankind


Health is the supreme concern for the human and the business. Healthy workforce makes the organization healthy and AART is committed to provide uncompromised healthy environment for the employees as well as the workforce of the subcontractors within the organization and on our projects onsite. We are committed to provide the equipment and tools which will be safe to handle and harmless to the user. We take optimum care to prevent the work related accidents, injuries or illnesses by providing the best of the instruments, training and safety precautions. We strive and implement the necessary health insurance for our workforce to help them in case of the work related injuries and illnesses and we also encourage and approve our contractors who follow the same health policy. All our business plans and strategies are integrated with the prime health concern of the workforce involved because we strongly believe the Healthy employee is the most productive asset.


AART Having a simple but important philosophy that everyone is entitled to a safe working environment. We follow safety as a prime concern for our employees and at the same time for our clients, our establishment, our society, our Nation and the Mankind. We are bound to offer the safety to each component which is connected to the AART by any means and ways. Be it our our biggest assets which are our employees or our coworkers at the clients projects. Every reasonable effort is made to achieve the goal of zero lost time accidents.

AART takes safety very seriously, and we aggressively pursue a plan to minimize accidents. Every project site is kept as safe as humanly possible to reduce the possibility of workforce injury. Company safety officers, insurance representatives and an independent safety consultant routinely conduct site inspections. Any deficiencies are promptly corrected.

AART employees are our most valuable asset, and keeping our people safe and healthy is one of the most important aspects of our business.