AART Facility Management

Our facility management solutions are relevant to your business and property. Your sustain ability and lifestyle is AART's business.

Because we run a business just like you run yours, we know that the development of quality assets is the first vital step towards sustainable operations. Preserving these assets throughout their life cycle is crucial for maximizing your business potential and augmenting your asset's return on investment.

AART is one of the pioneers in providing 'INTEGRATED' facility management in India. Our service delivery model underpins the view that facilities management focuses on continuity, sustainability and longevity.

We offer services that add value to a development throughout its life cycle; from facilities management strategy during the design phase, project management from construction to handover, and post handover facilities management at operations phase.

Unrivaled and in-depth industry experience

AART is in the heart of facility management because of its profound experience and knowledge of various Industries. We offer services to various sectors; Industrial, Commercial, Corporate, Residential complexes, Government Institutes, Research Institutes etc. We work with

  • Industrial Corporations
  • Developers
  • Landlords
  • Commercial Corporations
  • Retail Businesses
  • Homeowners
  • Government Institutions
  • Property Managers
  • Tenants

From Core engineering services such as complex contamination control systems in Nanotechnology or Pharmaceutical Companies to a range of Soft Services including Plumbing, Façade cleaning, we assure our clients peace of mind so that they can focus on their core operations.

Setting the standard in facilitiy management

The Industrial, Commercial and Corporate landscape in the India has evolved over the years, giving rise to landmark developments that require world-class facility management services.

Envisioning such requirements, AART offers to provide high quality facility management services. From complex, mixed-use communities to multinational headquarters, Research institutions and Industries; we are offering tailor made solution to each of our client. We add value to your business by having the very best staff, materials and equipment to hand. On site customer relations, technical and supervisory teams pay attention to detail and assure operational excellence. We only partner with market-leading service providers who achieve consistency in quality of service delivery.

'Prevention is better than cure' is our motto with mechanical and electrical maintenance. Paired with our 24/7 rapid response 'on site' teams, AART-managed buildings are hassle-free. AART's soft service solutions augment the core functions of a development, providing absolute peace of mind for developers /owners and their tenants.

All your needs are always met with a smile

AART deploys model systems and processes that deliver total solutions for the management and maintenance of the built environment. We take the sustainability of health, safety and environment very seriously, constantly keeping up to date with legislation, assuring the safety and security of our clients, their tenants and the facilities they operate in.

We are committed to embedding quality and excellence across our operations and the technology we use. We provide local solutions with international standards of expertise that enhance customer satisfaction and continually sustain the quality of our clients' assets.

Services tailored to your business

AART focuses on understanding its client's requirements and their development profiles, tailoring solutions that exceed set objectives.

We offer a whole gamut of facilities management solutions that are broadly divided into engineering services and soft services. All the facilities we manage have tailored schedules of facilities maintenance, to ensure your business operates 24-hours a day. Whether you are a large organization seeking to out source facility management services, or a small business looking for reliable services, AART takes your day-to-day worries away.

Proactive and resourceful are just two attributes that describe the friendly, solutions-driven services you will receive from AART.

Because we know that facilities management is a continuous task, we know that our in-house workforce should be highly skilled. All specialized team members hold qualifications and go through rigorous and continuous training programmes guaranteeing clients reliable services, value for money, and optimal maintenance costs.

We develop relationships with our clients and tailor solutions to suit their specific requirements, implementing scheduled maintenance plans, assuring every problem resolved. The most dependable service providers and suppliers in the market are our partners in business, supporting AART in achieving its business objectives of building on the success of our clients by delivering valuable facility services

Facilities maintained efficiently with care and attention

Success stories

(It is our Client's success that makes us successful)

Leading Power Plant in Maharashtra opted our 24/7 Operation maintenance services for HVAC Central Plant. The plant had Conventional as well as Absorption Chillers. Location next to the Coast and with coal particles in the air makes Cooling Towers and Air cooled Condenser maintenance a daunting task.

AART Engineers designed the maintenance routine in such a fashion that in last 5 years not even a Single minute break down is attributed to Air conditioning system.

No wonder our contract is getting extended year on year!

A Government Research Institute working in Micro-Electronics field needs a Cleanroom Class 1000 as per US FED STD 209E cleanroom standards. The research activities were getting affected due to many teething issues. Also, with arrival of new upgraded and additional Research equipment, the Cleanroom Space, Utilities capacities (HVAC, Electrical, Process systems) were insufficient.

AART In-house experts with International experience, evaluated facility and utilities. Immediate rectifications made the Lab functional in no time. AART weekly routine maintenance schedule maintains the desired Cleanliness.

Based on AART Space Management solutions and with a few alterations, all the. Research equipment is accommodated, hooked up and commissioned. The Utilities are ramped up where ever needed. The work is carried out without disturbing the Research schedule. Many International visitors now acknowledge the Lab to be 'At par with the International Research facilities'

The success story continues for 5th consecutive year as AART still continues to be the Operations & Maintenance contractor and still gets the first call when a Technology Upgrade is thought of!

A Leading Swedish- Italian Mechanical/HVAC Precision Equipment manufacturer plans to set up a Production plant in newly acquired Industrial Building. The schedule for 'Production Start' is extremely challenging.

AART gets a call to review existing Electrical system. On understanding that there are many other services needed, AART team comprising of Senior Management, Project management Consultant, Civil, Mechanical (HVAC) Electrical, Firefighting & Plumbing IT/ ITES, Data, Telecom Engineers, (All In-house) visit the site. On understanding the detailed requirements and chalking out schedules with the Client's representatives, AART helps the client define the BOQ, Specifications and also submits offers for each Packages and gets order for most of the disciplines and helps the client target 'On time on Budget' completion of Project

A leading German facility Engineering and management company approached AART for PMC for their Clean room equipment installation project for leading pharmaceutical company of India. AART not only provided PMC but undertook the entire installation, qualification activities.

All the Indians orders of the German company for PMC & installation are placed on AART since then.

Integrated Infrastructure Solutions

Communities and Clients

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Power plants
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Educational Institutes
  • Government Organizations
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Retail Businesses

Corporate, Retail and Residential Services

  • Engineering Maintenance Activities (preventive and reactive)
  • Value Added Services
  • Office Assistance Services
  • Space Management and Fit Out Services
  • Home Maintenance Packages
  • Maintenance (preventive and reactive)
  • Cleaning (office/retail and residential)
  • Pest Control (through registered agencies)
  • Pool Maintenance (through registered agencies)
  • Up-gradation and improvement services

Community Maintenance

  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Water treatment, Hygiene and Quality Testing
  • Pest Control (through registered agencies)

Advisory Services

  • Asset Life Cycle Management
  • Innovative Procurement Strategy
  • Technical Systems and Procedures
  • Total Quality Management

Building Management

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition Maintenance
  • Engineering Maintenance Services
  • Specialized System Maintenance
  • Lifts and Lifting Equipment
  • Stand-by Power Generators & UPS
  • Water Treatment, Hygiene & Quality Testing
  • Building Fagade / Window Cleaning
  • Building Fabric Maintenance
  • Waste Management