Our expertise to design-build Cleanrooms projects or contamination controlled environments is well recognized in the Industry.



The very first engineering discipline of Human civilization is intricately modernized in the information age to cater to ever increasing demands of infrastructure building and mega structures to simple home construction. At Aart we assimilate the trending technologies of construction, project management and procurement of materials in the most efficient and techno savvy methods. We have participated in various mega projects across the globe during construction phases and our collective project experience is substantial. The Safety, cost, time schedule and quality is assured with minimal wastage and environment friendly project management and construction practices.


AART’s Multi-disciplinary expertise including, Cleanroom, HVAC, Electrical Process Systems, instrumentation & Controls helps clients get all the services under single roof. For the clients, this helps in avoiding Multi-discipline co-ordination on their part.


Interior design has a deep ongoing impact on the environment you live work and do leisure. A well designed interior with the right colors, textures and lighting along with ergonomically and aesthetically designed furniture enhance your comfort levels, emotional states and creative drives. A myriads of different kinds of innovative materials for interiors flood the market almost every day. To choose the right materials and design and execute your interiors is our job at Aart. Offices, residences, commercial spaces, hotels, homes… We have solutions to fit to your budget and dreams.

Fire Protection & Plumbing

We have appropriate solutions of fire protecting your buildings conforming to National Building Codes and latest fire detecting and preventing technologies. From the architectural design stage we work with your design team so that you have built in fire protection features in your structure from the very beginning saving time and resources at a later stage. We can provide you a system with the latest smoke sensor capabilities and alarm networks that integrate into your Building Management System to equip your building with the most intelligent Fire Protection System.

We have solutions to provide the sprinkler water plumbing system as well as potable and non-potable water, chilled water systems most efficiently designed to deliver the correct pressure and quantity throughout the life the building. We can provide you the best rainwater drainage systems with rain water harvesting as well as sewage systems with waste water treatment and efficient disposal systems. Whatever your plumbing needs, we have the right solutions which is cost effective with advanced technology.